DK YARN now on "Weidian"


  1. All purchases are subject to our online shopping terms and conditions. There is no return or exchange.
  2. Due to the payment of surcharges, various taxes, or the application for import licenses in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China/Macau/Taiwan, we must report the true value of the goods. In some cases, it may be stipulated that the details of the ordered goods, including the value of the goods, must be attached to the outside of the package for customs clearance purposes. Therefore, under no circumstances will we be able to adjust the value of the goods in the customs declaration.
  3. Customers should note that the relevant customs authorities may impose taxes on the goods, and the customers must pay on the amount requested. Otherwise the goods cannot be delivered.
  4. The recipient may be required to provide identification documents or related information. Please send related images to us via DK Yarn WeChatWhatsapp 852 9696 2070(e.g. Mainland China residents: ID cards, soldier ID, military officer ID, civilian cadre ID / Hong Kong and Macao residents: pass permits or ID cards/Taiwan residents: Taiwan permits or residence cards).
  5. All goods will be delivered as planned at our best efforts. We only deliver when someone receives the goods. DK Yarn does not take any responsibility for the customer’s request to keep the goods outside. If you or your representative fail to receive the goods at the agreed delivery time and place, DK Yarn has the right to charge you an additional fee.
  6. If your delivery location changes, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately. Once the order is confirmed, you cannot cancel the order. If you need more information or assistance, please contact us.
  7. If the product cannot be provided for any reason or an order cannot be delivered for any reason, we have the right to cancel the order. If this happens, we will notify you. We reserve the right of final decision to refuse to provide delivery service to any customer.